Business Research Methods



In this site you will find the powerpoint presentations of all chapters. They summarize the key concepts of each of the topics. This will give both the reader an additional resource for reading the book and the teacher useful teaching material for academic presentations in front of an audience.

ISBN: 978-84-7356-966-8
Depósito Legal: M-30461-2013



© Verónica Rosendo Ríos y Enrique Pérez del Campo


Chapter 1. Nature and Characteristics of Marketing Research. View

Chapter 2. Marketing Research Organization and Planning. View

Chapter 3. Sources and Tools of Market Research Data. View

Chapter 4. Measurement Scales and Questionnaire. View

Chapter 5. Surveys. View

Chapter 6. Panels. View

Chapter 7. Marketing Experimental Research. View

Chapter 8. Observation. View

Chapter 9. Qualitative Tools. View

Chapter 10. Theory and Practice of Sampling. View

Chapter 11. Fieldwork. View

Chapter 12. Survey Code and Tabulation. View

Chapter 13. Hypothesis Testing. View



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